Lent 2019

“Behold the man!” proclaimed the unwitting preacher Pontius Pilate in one of the shortest yet most profound sermons ever recorded. This will be our endeavor this Lententide and Easter Sunday. Behold the man, God in human flesh, Jesus. His incarnation will provide the basis for our meditation and proclamation on His Passion. And His real bodily suffering and death will provide the basis for our full-throated proclamation on Easter morning of a bodily resurrection, not just of Jesus but also for His saints. Real bodies that have suffered, wept, bled, prayed, eaten, hoped, and more will be those raised incorruptible from their graves on the day of Jesus’ return.

This Lent, we will consider what it means that God became man. In preparation for the celebration of a real, bodily, flesh-and-blood, bone-and-sinew resurrection, the resurrection without which our faith and our preaching are all in vain, consider the body of Jesus that exists in order to be nailed to a cross. The spiritual, bodiless Son of God became the embodied, enfleshed, incarnate Son of Mary. In Jesus, God has human flesh, a body, just like you. What could be more profound?

Each week, we’ll consider a different aspect of the body of Jesus Christ. What does it mean that, in Jesus, God has hands, feet, lungs, lips, eyes, and ears? Join us to find out.

Ash Wednesday – Wed, 6 March 2019 – 12:10 & 7 pm

A God Who Hungers

Divine Service of Holy Communion with the imposition of ashes

wednesday Midweek services – 12:10 & 7 pm

13 March 2019 – A God Who Prays

20 March 2019 – A God Beaten

27 March 2019 – A God Exposed

3 April 2019 – A God with a Mother

10 April 2019 – A God Who Thirsts

HOLY THURSDAy – Thu, 18 April 2019 – 7 pm

A God Who Loves

Divine Service of Holy Communion with Corporate Confession and Absolution

Good Friday – Fri, 19 April 2019 – 7 pm

A God Who Bleeds, A God Who Dies

Chief Divine Service of Holy Communion

the great vigil of easter – Sat, 20 April 2019 – 7 pm

God Buried

Easter Vigil with Holy Communion

The Great Vigil of Easter is a series of multiple services set end-to-end, each building on the former, until finally Easter formally arrives. As a service of watching that ushers in the celebration of our Lord's resurrection, the vigil of Easter is comprised of six parts: Service of Light (a candlelight service begun outside with procession into the sanctuary), the Service of Readings, the Service of Holy Baptism, the Service of the Word, the Service of Prayer, and the Service of the Sacrament.

The best way to gain the full effect of this great liturgical Feast is to witness it from the start of the Triduum on Maundy Thursday through Good Friday, when the Church is at its darkest and most somber, to the celebration of Easter on Saturday evening. We go from the deepest depths to the highest heights in just three days, as the liturgy of the Church follows Christ Himself through death to resurrection. While this service may be a bit longer than the typical service you're used to, it will be worth it!

Easter Sunday – 20 April 2019 – 10:30 am

A God Who Rises –Festival Divine Service of Holy Communion